Inspired by the Cage Men situation in Hong Kong and their living and physiological struggles, I wanted to address the global challenge of space and living of the cities in the future. People who work and live in the popular cities like New York, Tokyo, and Amsterdam are also facing space and living challenges. What if rent, space, and facilities can be made flexible? What if there is an apartment that helps you save and even make money so that you can focus on your urban dream? 
About 200,000 people are living in Hong Kong in what the government calls “inadequate housing.” The rent (Avg.$ 10,475 / sq. ft.) forces the low-income families, single, elderly and unemployed people living in urban slums.  Some of them have been living in the slum generation after generation. Since the rent in Hong Kong hasn't been reduced , they cannot afford to improve their living quality.
Oversaturated cities around the world makes people keep pushing the possibilities of utilizing small space and improve the quality of life.
 User Journey Map
Design Criteria
User Scenario + UI Prototype Demo
Flexi allows rent to be flexible. Users can decide how big the room they want to live in, what facilities they will use, and how much money they are willing to pay for the next month all through the mobile app. By adjusting the room sizes, facilities, and negotiating space with neighbors, users can now save money while living in the Flexi Apartment.
System Diagram
Large Room
  Medium Room                                                                                                                            Storage & Small Room
Facility Rentals: Bathroom, Kitchen, and Closet
Negotiate Space with Neighbors 
When there is no available space to expend the room, each resident can negotiate space with neighbors on the same floor, they have the freedom to exchange space with money. People now can make extra money by exchanging some of their space for their neighbor.
UI Prototyping
Users can adjust the facilities by dragging and dropping the icons into the selected room above.
      Choose a move in date and a room                                                 Room adjustment and notification
User Flow Diagram​​​​​​​
Flexi Takeaways
Physical and Psychological Problems
Iconography Explorations
Google Material Design Patterns
Interface Explorations
Logo Explorations
Scenario Acting
Scenario Storyboard
User Timeline and Application Flow Chart
This is the record of the user's one year living condition and the application scenario
that controls his rent and room size. 
Full Wireframes

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