The Recycled Orchestra, is an orchestra composed of children from the shanty town of Cateura, Paraguay, who play musical instruments made from scrap materials collected from the adjacent landfill site. It was formed in 2006 by Favio Chavez, an environmental engineer, and uses musical instruments made by local carpenter Nicolas 'Cola' Gomez from recovered materials. 
Audience can visit the MUSICO website to create their own patterns and words by using the MUSICO font creator. They can type in theirs words, upload patterns, then drag and drop patterns to form the letter. Users' font creations can be submitted to be a part of the MUSICO exhibition book or saved to their own devices.
The identity system was created with recycled and found materials, recycled brown paper, robber bands, and silver foil paper. The color pallets and materials were inspired by the recycled orchestra instruments. The challenge was to collect and find the balance of the variety color pallets and make them compromise each other. I went to the actual museum in Phoenix for research and take a loser look at the instruments. It was a very inspirational tour. 
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The MUSICO hopes to help audience see the beauty of everyday materials and have a difference perspective on the waste generated by humans. I designed the MUSICO Touch, an interactive installation, that allows audience to discover the beauty of the sound in found materials.

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